Where to play the Big Wheel online

Where to play the Big Wheel online

The Big Wheel is an amateur roulette player’s best friend, as it’s just as thrilling but much simpler. Featuring a wheel and great payouts, the Big Wheel is a good option to start on before moving to roulette.

Finding it online however isn’t so simple, however, we have found some great alternatives. We have also as provided details on how to play The Big Wheel for those who are venturing to a land-based venue.

Additionally, The Big Wheel can also be known as the Big Six Wheel, the Money Wheel, the Dice Wheel, and more depending where you are located in the world. Aussies tend to refer to it as The Big Wheel, or just The Wheel.

How to play The Big Wheel

The Big Wheel includes a big wheel of course which is split into a number of different sections with a large spoke separating each segment. Each section has a number or a symbol which is represented by a number. There is also a table which players can place their chips on.

Additionally, there are two types of the Big Wheel. There is an electronic version where you place your chips by tapping an electronic screen, and the Wheel automatically spins on its own (or activated by an electronic lever the biggest bettor is prompted to pull); or there is a human dealer version where players place their chips on a table layout, similar to the electronic version, and once bets have been placed the wheel is then spun by the dealer.

A rubber pointer sits at the top of the wheel and serves two purposes. The first purpose is that it slows the wheel down when it spins, and the second purpose is that whatever number stops on the rubber pointer is the outcome of that spin.

Each number and symbol, which is generally associated with a certain number, pays at a certain rate. Additionally, they can vary from casino to casino so always be sure to check the payout rates by asking your dealer, or reading the pay table.

Simply put, the aim is to predict what number or symbol the wheel will land on and if you’re correct you will be paid accordingly.

The Big Wheel payouts

These payouts are for the Big Wheel variations in Australia, as for other Big Wheel variants they may be different. Additionally, these can even vary in different land-based casinos in Australia.

The highest payout for the two symbols, generally a joker and a flag or the casino’s logo, is 47:1. If players pick either of these symbols, they have a 1:52 chance of winning.

The lowest number on the wheel is usually one, and there are generally 24 on the wheel, which offer a payout of 1:1 if you place a chip here.

The rest of the numbers in between generally features two 26s on the wheel along with a payout of 23:1; four 12’s on the wheel, with a payout of 11:1; eight sixes on the wheel and a payout of 5:1; and finally 12 threes on the wheel, with a 3:1 payout.

On every bet there is a high house edge of 7.7%.

The game is quite simple and this is exactly why many are fond of the game, however it isn’t widely available online. There are alternatives though for Internet players to enjoy.

Online alternative games to The Big Wheel

We have found alternative games to play online, all offering the same entertainment value if not more so.

  • Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth Game
    The creators of the infamous Wheel of Wealth, Microgaming, brought out another version of the slot machine with this version featuring a multiplayer addition. The game, as we mentioned, is a pokies machine but it still pays homage to the Big Wheel during the bonus round.

    During standard gameplay there is a chat box so you can talk to other players in the game while you spin the reels, which makes the game quite social. There are also two bonus rounds to this game, one of which is an individual bonus round, while the other sees everyone joining in.

    The multiplayer bonus round is where the Big Wheel comes in, and all the other players join in too by choosing a position on the Wheel of Wealth. There are 20 segments players can choose from and once the wheel has spun, the player wins the amount they have chosen if it lands on their segment similar to The Big Wheel. The total amount that can be won is 500,000 coins.

  • Predictor
    Predictor is an interesting game which can be found under the ‘Fun & Scratch’ category at G’Day online casino. Created by Betsoft, Predictor is like the Big Wheel in that players are required to bet what the next number will be, however with Predictor they are required to pick whether it will be higher or lower than the previous number and what colour it will be out of red, blue, green, and yellow.

    It is played using dump cart animations and the first number and colour is given to you. There are 48 carts, each with a number on them and each coloured. If you are correct you can continue with the predictions or you can collect your bet and start again.

    This game doesn’t involve a wheel, but it does see players predicting an outcome in terms of numbers and offers payouts which are shown by holding your mouse over the bet options, such as higher or lower, as well as the colour.

  • Roulette
    While the Big Wheel and roulette have a wheel, numbers, a number of differing payouts, and are both based on luck, that is where the similarities end. However, if you are looking for an alternative this is a good option especially if you have been playing The Big Wheel for quite some time. Roulette in French actually means little wheel, so you could say the game is The Big Wheel’s little brother.

    Players may choose to place bets on either a single number or a range of numbers, or on inside bets, such as street bets and split bets, or outside bets, such as column bets or dozen bets.

    There are a range of software developers including Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Play’n Go, Betsoft, and many more, that have created a number of roulette titles and roulette variants. We recommend playing French roulette since it has the most favourable rules and doesn’t have the double zero which American roulette does (this gives poorer odds to the player).

You can find an array of stellar roulette titles at our recommended online casinos.

Best Internet casinos

We recommend the following web casinos as they offer game catalogues featuring top leading software developers, such as the many we mentioned above. Additionally, they ensure that fair gaming is upheld, they are regularly monitored by third party regulatory bodies to ensure player’s safety, and they offer great customer service.

  • G’Day
  • Royal Vegas
  • Thrills
  • Jackpot City
  • 32Red
  • Roxy Palace
  • Guts
  • 7Sultans
  • Casino Mate
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