Browser play casinos

Browser play casinos

No download casinos allow for instant access to real money casino games, with zero time wasted in installing software. This article explores what exactly browser-play casinos are, how it works, and which casino sites Australians can visit for the best experience.

United States Best browser play casino sites

Best browser play casino sites

Best Flash-based casinos

Best browser-play no download casinos
Playing at online casinos via Web browsers like Chrome is fast, easy and most convenient.
There’s a reason why every single online casino supports no download gaming: It allows for instantaneous, hassle-free experiences, as everyone who uses a computer, mobile smartphone or tablet can play their favourite pokies and table games directly through Web browsers such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari, without the need to download software (aside from ensuring Flash plugins are up-to-date).

But this means security moves up the list in terms of the criteria which must be met when picking an online casino. If a Flash casino doesn’t implement modern data protection security, third parties can hack into the browser and steal your details. This is why we recommend the Flash casinos listed in the table above – each use encryption technology as confirmed by the small padlock which appears when you visit these sites.

The data technology has been created to work with all web browsers, and there’s some handy features which enhance gameplay even further if you opt for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Web browser features for premier casino gaming

There’s a number of features available specific to each web browser which can enhance online casino gaming.

  • Chrome: There’s a unique feature called ‘Pin Tab’ when using Chrome which enhances gameplay especially if you’re prone to accidentally exiting tabs. Pin Tab means you are locking the tab to the toolbar, and you can’t exit until you click ‘UnPin Tab’. This means if you’re in the middle of the game and start exiting open tabs, you can’t accidentally exit the real money game and void your wager.
  • Firefox: Firefox makes gaming more sociable with a chat box. You can talk to your friends while gaming – provided they are using the chat feature on Firefox. Click on the Smiley icon and add your friends to get started.
  • Safari: You can pick up gameplay from one device to the next with Safari, provided you have an Apple desktop or laptop and an iPhone or iPad. With Apple iCloud Keychain, the site is stored and you can play on your desktop and then transfer to your smartphone if you’re heading out.

As you can see, you can also use these Web browsers on your smartphones or tablets to access the mobile versions of the sites listed on this page.

Instant play mobile casinos

These no download online casinos have also been optimised for smartphones and tablets. Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry, and other portable devices are compatible – just tap the links above to get started.

Unfortunately, there’s less real money casino games available but software providers are constantly releasing new mobile additions for players on the go.

Why opt for an instant play casino over a no download version

Some online casinos offer both a downloadable client and the option to get playing instantly. This can leave you to question the difference – which we aim to show you here.

Only PC users can access downloadable casinos: With Apple taking up a huge share of the desktop market, as iMacs and MacBooks are incredibly popular choices, there’s only a selection of players who can download the online casino. This is due to the software only being supported by PCs. Instant play casinos can be accessed by both PC and Mac players however.

You can play on any device, anywhere: Once you have your log in details with one of the above online casinos you can log in on any desktop or mobile device with instant play casinos. Downloadable casinos require you to install the software – so you have to do this on any new device you go on, which may not be a viable option.

Players can try before they buy: Instant play casinos offer the opportunity to play the games in practice mode before committing to real money wagers. This means you can get the feel of the game before you go all in. This is a great way for newbies to wrap their head around the games.

Security of Flash casinos

Browser play casino online security
Web browsers have ample security measures to protect casino gamers.
We mentioned above, security becomes paramount when playing via a Web browser. Even if security isn’t first on your list, it should become one of the most important elements in choosing an online casino. It’s how we found the best for this article. While entering our details, especially financial details, is becoming the norm these days, it doesn’t mean we should slack off in ensuring the sites are protecting our details.

All no download Internet casinos listed here use SSL and TLS encryption technology which works with your web browser to lock out third party hackers.

While the padlock in the toolbar helps indicate whether a casino keeps out hackers, some online casinos set up purely to steal your details – these sites are known as rogue casinos and can be avoided by doing a simple Google search with these terms, or simply by playing at the sites listed above.

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